Forex Analytics in India

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  • • Fundamental analysis

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  • • Entry point

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Economic Calendar

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India’s investment potential, population size and constant growth in exchange-traded assets put the country in the first place in the Asian region. The Indian rupee remains one of the most promising assets.

The country ranks third in the GDP terms in the world. The exchange rate is influenced by the Central Bank of India decisions, indicators of the largest public companies in the region and stock indices.

Trader tools

A data huge flow must be tracked and selected markers that will accurately indicate the Indian rupee further movement to other currencies pair:

  • Forex market analytics – the latest events and comments from insiders on market;
  • Fundamental rate forecast and forex chart analysis ;
  • Live news reports;
  • Calendar of upcoming dates for reports from regulators, public companies, and more;
  • Currency movement any situations simulation, assessment and profitability perspective.

The Forex markets technical analysis will help to ensure the information flow, it’s structuring and determination of the main directions. Every report and message from the regulator and transactions of market participants are important. The investor will receive the rupee movement most detailed perspective – for the investment any period. When the asset decreases, information about the currency entry into the risk zone will be transmitted in advance. A trader always has a scenario for further movement.